SUGs will be held in Footscray this year, from Sunday the 3rd of July – Thursday the 7th of July. 
We intend on entering two mixed teams of 14 people each. This means that there will be a limited number of positions available, so the trailing process will be quite competitive. Only current La Trobe University students are eligible to compete. If you’re wanting to play with us for SUGs you are expected to come to at least one of the following trails:
Trials will be held at the Lower Playing Fields (Bundoora Campus) on Monday April 4th (next week), and Monday April 11th from 6pm-8pm. We will still hold a normal training session for those not wishing to trial, so please let us know before we start whether you’re interested in uni games or not.
There is also a regional trial at the Bendigo Campus on Sunday April 17th from 11am-12pm. While we will be running a couple of the training sessions for the SUGs team in Bendigo, it is expected that you are able to make it to some of the Bundoora trainings as well.
If there are exceptional circumstances which prevent you from attending any of these trails, then please email the club. We will notify everyone about team selections on April 19th.
You will be given more information regarding finance after the selection process, but here is the basic costs:
Registration fees = $165
La Trobe fees = $65
As it’s nice and close to home this year we won’t have to worry about transport, however we are still looking into booking accommodation to stay as a team – which makes it easier for getting to and from the fields and the social events, and is also a lot more fun! We’ll let you know the details closer to the date.
If you have any questions regarding uni games don’t hesitate to get in touch with me or email the club. SUGs is one of the best experiences you’ll have at uni, so hopefully I’ll see you all down at trials!